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"For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them" Aristotle 

In June 2015 Inspire Scotland received approval from the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) to become an accredited centre. We now offer Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) level 3 qualifications in numeracy, literacy, ICT, working with others and problem solving – all 5 core skills! We now also offer the Employability Award at SCQF levels 3 and 4. 

We have also become accredited to offer the SCQF rated (levels 2, 3 and 4) and highly innovative Transitions in Action programme through Playback ICE.

With educational provision linked to the needs of the young person we have demonstrated an absolute commitment to the development of a successful young workforce. That provision includes liaison with local employers through Lanarkshire Chamber of Commerce who have offered a number of workplace experiences, mock interview practice, feedback on CVs and site visits. 

We have also made links with local schools and colleges to support our young people becoming involved and re engaged, where appropriate, with mainstream education. Where that may not be possible we are actively working with 3rd sector partners to secure additional opportunities for our young people in specialist areas which are economically active and likely to support them once they leave our care.

Chris' Story

Chris appeared at Blairbeth Road and instantly made sure we knew that his passion was cars. He wanted to pursue a career in mechanics and so, as he was nearly 17, we got in touch with a local garage. Before he went we started working on the SQA Employability Award at SCQF level 3. With two weeks of work experience under his belt and now well on the way to having qualifications for the first time in his life he is now applying to college for courses in car mechanics.


Lindsay's Story

Lindsay came from the Roma community and lived with us for a few months. One of the reasons for him being with us was his non engagement with education. Through his new case manager, key worker and the educator at Green Pastures we were able to have him re integrated into school with a restricted timetable. With tuition at home he was able to expand his English and worked  on painting our new school room with one of the care workers. Lindsay is now looking to return home and his previous school are now working with Green Pastures at replicating the timetable that works for Lindsay.

Georgina's Story

had been at Green Pastures before but this time she wanted to start working towards her goal of becoming a hairdresser. As she was coming to 16 years of age we were able, with the support and help of the local school, to negotiate her going onto a school/college links programme that would see her full time at college in the career path she had chosen.

Cheryl's Story

Cheryl arrived, having been a school refuser and despite a local welcoming school continued to highlight how she felt that school was not the best environment for her to learn. Using the social pedagogy model of panic zone/comfort zone/ learning zone we identified that Cheryl's anxieties could be aided by some tuition with a long term goal of re engaging with education. Still unsure of returning to school she is now working towards becoming engaged with a college in order to pursue her career. As part of that application we are now talking to a local employer to get Cheryl into some form of short workplace experience.

Donald's Story

Donald arrived at Green Pastures with an uncertain future. Having had little by way of success educationally he had very little to show for being at school. Knowing that Donald's cognitive abilities were limited we made contact with the local college, Donald is off to some tasters and we hope will then join a full time programme in September. Due to his limited educational success we hope to support him by engaging him with Playback ICE Level 2 Transitions in Action whilst studying at College.