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Blairbeth House

At Blairbeth House we do 'whatever it takes' to support young people to be good neighbours and promote citizenship whilst living in the community.

Blairbeth house is a home large enough for four young people between the ages of 12 and 18 years. The house is integrated into the local community and young people are encouraged to be responsible citizens. This location is suitable for young people who respond well to living next to others and who can take advantage of the local amenities. This includes schools, libraries, shopping and leisure centres and the train station are all within walking distance from Blairbeth House.

We feel that by integrating looked after young people, we can work towards promoting inclusion, education and work opportunities through philosophies learned through social pedagogy. Social Pedagogy provides our carers with a holistic and coherent framework of professional, personal and practical knowledge, skills and abilities. This is a framework that relates to existing practice, puts ethics first and helps make our services even better.

We can offer a range of therapeutic services to young people including attachment, trauma and anger management. Staff can also access specialised support that supports them in being effective carers.This offers the opportunity to promote the wellbeing of the young people by ensuring that our carers are able to empathise with those who may have had traumatic experiences and to encourage them to overcome these 'to be the best they can be' and achieve their potential.

Blairbeth House Care Inspection Report July 2018 download (348KB)
Inspection Report