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Social Pedagogy


What is Social Pedagogy?

Social pedagogy is an approach to caring for children which combines education and care, emphasising that bringing up children is the shared responsibility of parents and society. A key principle is that the child is in charge of his or her own life, and the carer works alongside them rather than dictating to them.

Social pedagogy is based on humanistic values stressing human dignity, mutual respect, trust, unconditional appreciation, and equality, to mention but a few. It is underpinned by a fundamental concept of children, young people and adults as equal human beings with rich and extraordinary potential and considers them competent, resourceful and active agents.

Overall, social pedagogy aims to achieve:

  • Holistic education – education of head (cognitive knowledge), heart (emotional and spiritual learning), and hands (practical and physical skills);
  • Holistic well-being – strengthening health-sustaining factors and providing support for people to enjoy a long-lasting feeling of happiness;
  • To enable children, young people as well as adults to empower themselves and be self-responsible persons who take responsibility for their society;
  • To promote human welfare and prevent or ease social problems.

Social pedagogy has become synonymous with many hopes about improving children's and young people's lives, especially those looked after. We want to contribute to a better understanding of social pedagogy, which is why we have made available some of the fundamentals about theory and practice.

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